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OneHouse – About Us


To equip consumers with handy and easy tools to discover homes and real estate, faster, better and smarter.

Who we are

OneHouse is an innovative and user-friendly real estate marketplace using latest technology and epoch-making user experience by transcending current traditional, obsolete real estate trading practices in Hong Kong and empower home owners, buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents and developers with information and tools to make the best decisions.

What we do

OneHouse helps consumers to match each other without hassle, discover their perfect homes with a new experience and are transforming the whole path in the process of research stage, decision stage and transaction stage of home-related decisions and interaction amongst home buyers, sellers, renters and real estate professionals. Differentiated from other property websites which are swamped with fake or unavailable listings and information initiated by real estate agents in order to lure customers, OneHouse offers a comprehensive two-pronged approach, combining online and offline solutions to effectively solve the problem and ensure the authenticity of information.

We realize real estate agent professionalization and individualization by helping them to build up their profile, portfolios and track records with first class marketing tools and latest software to manage and enhance their business.