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Free Referral

OneHouse cooperate with buyers an landlords and refers to you to increase your business.


A faster way to connect clients

Use OneHouse as your real estate community to sell and list any properties in Hong Kong. Only four steps to do. It’s that simple.

Build up your own business

Using OneHouse as a marketplace to increase the number of listings and network, you can earn money on your own. OneHouse takes care of all hassle, so you can just focus on your works to provide professional services.

All you have to do is to verify your profile and license on OneHouse.

Respond to requests

On OneHouse, we will help you to connect the most potential landlords and buyers. For example, when you received referral landlords, all you have to do is to offer your personal commission free to lure their appointment. Once appointed, you will receive the landlords’ info and property details from OneHouse. Once you receive referral buyers, all you have to do is to find and list a suitable property on OneHouse. It’s that simple.

OneHouse will send all the info to you registered email.

Connect with appointment landlords and buyers

All your listings and offers will immediately forward to buyers and landlords. Once you have a confirmed appointment, it’s time to prepare your works! From signing an appointment contract to matching buyers and landlords is an art. On OneHouse, you can use our messaging system to arrange the details of your clients. Let them know that you are protecting and respecting their privacy.

Free to list

Whether you’re selling apartments, village house or subsidized units, it is the most effective way to list all kinds of residential properties on OneHouse. When you’re ready, you can publish your listing for the people to see. It’s always free!

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  1. Hit "Free For Listing"
  2. Login or Sign up
  3. Choose Sale or Rent option
  4. Select posting as “Agent”
  5. Fill in location
  6. Add price and size
  7. Enrich the content: property developer, construction year, management fee, etc.
  8. Upload basic photos of your properties (3-5 photos recommended)
  9. [New]Upload a 360 degree photo of your house on smartphone! Learn more
  10. Review your listing
  11. Confirm & Post
  12. View property in public property page