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Free Commission

Landlords can enjoy free commission fees after their appointed agents successfully see or rent out properties.*


A easier way to sell or rent

Use OneHouse as your real estate community to sell and rent your properties in Hong Kong. Only four steps to do. It’s that simple.

Post your properties within 3 mins

Only 3 mins, you can post your properties on OneHouse for free, whether it is apartment, village house or subsidised units. When you’re ready, click here to list. It’s always free!

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  1. Hit "Free For Listing"
  2. Login or Sign up
  3. Choose Sale or Rent option
  4. Select posting as "Owner"
  5. Fill in location
  6. Add price and size
  7. Enrich the content: property developer, construction year, management fee, etc.
  8. Upload basic photos of your properties (3-5 photos recommended)
  9. [New]Upload a 360 degree photo of your house on smartphone! Learn more
  10. Review your listing
  11. Confirm & Post
  12. View property in public property page
Receive agent’s commission offer

The most potential agent(s) will submit applications with commission rates, together with an agent profile link including the profile pic, name and license number.

OneHouse will send all the info to your registered mail.

Contract generated automatically

Once you confirm any appointment with agents, the appointment contracts will be provided to you. It’s that simple!

OneHouse will send all the info to your registered mail.

OneHouse Promise

OneHouse will help you to promote your properties to potential buyers, in order to sell/rent your properties.

*The amount of commission fee depends on agent’s offer and OneHouse does not guarantee any free commission offers.